Stay Ready

Stop waiting for opportunities. Create them.

There’s one thing that I absolutely know for sure. If you’re procrastinating and waiting around to get ready (for anything), you’re wasting precious time (and money).

So, what’s the solution?


While the world has shifted on its axis over the last year, people have proven yet again that they are resilient and they find ways to adjust.

And, guess what, you can too!

One of the biggest opportunities to get ready is through how we speak and use our voice. Since I’m now approaching 30 years of professional and on-stage speaking experience, I’ve learned and mastered a lot about what you need to do get prepared to speak, along with the best tools to help you do it.

And, today, you’re going to get access to those tools. But before I share those tools, let me remind you that you don’t just need to save those speaking skills, just for the main stage.

They’ll come in handy in social settings too!

Get your own cord carrier here!

I talk pretty extensively about the role that technology and cords play in the Presenting Like A Pro course that launches in few weeks. (get on the list if you’re interested)

Once you start giving yourself permission to take action and getting your voice out there, you’ll also start seeing the needs to secure other helpful tools.

There are 3 magical timeless tools that I utilize to ensure a successful speaking opportunity:

1: Lighting– Talk about a COMPLETE game changer. This lighting has completely changed how I appear on screen for virtual speaking opportunities and just casual meetings. Don’t sleep on this.

Grab you some light enhancements! And this isn’t comparable to those flimsy lighting options that fall apart ager 5 uses. They’re reliable!

2: Slide Advancer – When you’re trying to perfect your speaking skills and engage with the audience versus being tied to the podium, this simple, affordable and sleek slide advancer is exactly what you need to step up your speaking skills and even practice solo at home.

3: Tablet Stand – I keep talking about this tablet stand because IT WORKS! For either in-person or virtual events, this stand is sleek, adjusts to convenient heights and travels well. Whether in your home office or on the road, this stand will support your speaking growth.

Your next opportunity is waiting on you to make a move.

Don’t wait for it. Go after it.

Whether it’s signing up for speaking training and growth or securing the tools to elevate your presence on the in-person or virtual stage, you’re ready.

Now, go after it!