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As a nationally-recognized etiquette instructor, business consultant, and author, my mission is to galvanize growth by cultivating confidence in people. Through action-oriented facilitation, I have influenced and empowered professionals using the principles of etiquette and leadership across Fortune 500s, non-profits, small-businesses, and innovation-focused organizations across the country.

  • Imagine a corporate culture where everyone - at every level - was motivated and empowered to be their best self and to perform at their highest potential. Imagine an environment where leadership wasn’t just a word associated with those at the top of the org chart - but a mindset shift that even an entry-level associate could embrace.

    As an etiquette instructor and leadership consultant, I notice a pattern in the level of confidence younger professionals have compared to those with longer tenures. Leadership is often treated as an object that you have to obtain, versus a mindset you have to nurture. As a response to this gap, I created the relatable and relevant training courses to redefine our perceptions of leadership, while promoting inclusive leadership introspection and purposeful actions - at every level - to unlock the potential of people and businesses they impact.

    Most Impactful Topics

  • Leadership and growth opportunities are available to everyone, regardless of your career path or position

  • Redefine and elevate your leadership skills by absorbing lessons from other leaders and actualizing the leader within

  • How exemplary leadership can show up anywhere and in anyone--we can lead from wherever we are, regardless of the role, position, or our status in life

  • New strategies for implementing the latest leadership techniques in a demographically and culturally diverse workforce

  • Modern lessons on unique and authentic leadership from people unexpectedly thrust into positions where great leadership was essential

  • How to meet the demands of a rapidly changing workforce with a new approachto leadership development

  • How we can strengthen our leadership skills through tools, frameworks, and real life examples in an increasingly complex world

  • The role that etiquette plays in our personal and professional development, especially in an ever-changing world

  • The biggest mistake that someone makes when they are starting out in their career/leadership journey

  • Helpful tips for success and pitfalls to avoid like self-sabotage that could derail

  • The #1 thing holding back most leaders—waiting for permission

  • How to elevate your leadership skills from the living room to the board room

  • Leadership is not a spot on the organizational chart—It’s a state of being

  • Our leadership journey is our own responsibility. While organizations and institutions may have and provide learning opportunities, it’s up to us individually to guide, direct and seek out those opportunities.

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