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As a nationally-recognized etiquette instructor, business consultant, and author, my mission is to galvanize growth by cultivating confidence in people. Through action-oriented facilitation, I have influenced and empowered professionals using the principles of etiquette and leadership across Fortune 500s, non-profits, small-businesses, and innovation-focused organizations across the country.

Imagine a corporate culture where everyone - at every level - was motivated and empowered to be their best self and to perform at their highest potential. Imagine an environment where leadership wasn’t just a word associated with those at the top of the org chart - but a mindset shift that even an entry-level associate could embrace.

As an etiquette instructor and business consultant, I notice a pattern in the level of confidence younger professionals have compared to those with longer tenures. Leadership is often treated as an object that you have to obtain, versus a mindset you have to nurture. As a response to this gap, I created the You Look Like A Leader training series to redefine our perceptions of leadership, while promoting inclusive leadership introspection and purposeful actions - at every level - to unlock the potential of people and businesses they impact.

The Confidence of Leadership

This introspective and energizing 2-hour introductory session sets the tone for embracing leadership at every level and empowers your teams with actionable steps for personal, professional and organizational success. Leveraging humor, personal examples and professional testimonies, your team will be enlightened on the following agenda topics:

  • Redefining Leadership: From an Object to a Mindset

  • Identifying Your Leadership Style

  • Leveraging Past Mistakes to Fuel Future Success

  • The Etiquette of Leadership

You Look Like A Leader

This 4-part series gives your audience a comprehensive deep dive across several signature leadership topics. Each session requires 2 hours of commitment to allow for guided introspection and maximum engagement. Whether you split the series up over 2 days or 2 months, the time investment dedicated will net tremendous confidence boosting results.

The practices and principles of leadership are often reserved for those individuals with high-ranking titles and c-suite executives. The act of leadership doesn’t need to be preserved and earmarked for certain individuals. Everyday leadership is a valuable tool that empowers team members to be the best possible versions of themselves and to consistently reach for best in class, preparing them for future opportunities at an organization.
When many people think of confidence, they may imagine images of a boss, executive or c-suite representative. Confidence is a unique and rewarding tool for everyone, regardless of level, that provides guidance and direction on when and how to professionally engage. It is a combination of self-awareness, empathy and risk-taking that helps you to understand the accepted code of behavior for particular situations. From understanding protocol in the boardroom, to building relationships with your colleague by understanding cross-cultural communication, confidence can be your secret weapon to advance from where you are to where you want to be.
Networking has become an ugly word that we try to avoid like the plague. But, in a world where socializing is apart of life, it’s more advantageous to use socializing to grow your career and your business relationships.
Leadership requires for you to think differently, and embrace new and unfamiliar territory that contributes to growth. It also forces you to think differently, be innovative and challenge the status quo. While it is typically expected for an entrepreneur to think this way, intrapraneurs also have the opportunity to embrace this thinking and develop solutions for themselves, the organization and their career growth. Don’t let the entrepreneurs have all the fun - think creatively, out the box and from an action oriented perspective to produce corporate results

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