The Unexpected Leader: Discovering The Leader Within You

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Expand your leadership skill set by looking for it in unexpected places

Effective leadership isn’t confined to easily identifiable silos. It appears everywhere, and sometimes in the most unexpected of places.

In The Unexpected Leader: Discovering the Leader Within You, veteran leadership trainer and consultant Jacqueline M. Baker delivers an incisive and actionable discussion of how to refine, define, and elevate leadership by absorbing lessons from other leaders and actualizing the leader within. You’ll learn how to meet the demands of a rapidly changing workforce with a new approach to leadership development.

In the book, you’ll find:

  • Examples of how exemplary leadership can show up anywhere and in anyone
  • New strategies for implementing the latest leadership techniques in a demographically and culturally diverse workforce
  • Modern lessons on unique and authentic leadership from people unexpectedly thrust into positions where great leadership was essential

An ideal resource for everyday leaders at all levels, executives and managers, The Unexpected Leader: Discovering the Leader Within You is an essential read for anyone who hopes to expand their concept of leadership beyond the traditional.

Praise for: The Unexpected Leader


"The Unexpected Leader has been delivered to us at the perfect time! In a world where it's important for everyone to understand that we all have the capacity to lead where we are, the Unexpected Leader provides practical tools for everyone to lead effectively, no matter their role, position, or status in life."

KimArie YowellChief Learning Officer, Rocket Central

"The Unexpected Leader provides a unique perspective on what it means to be a leader, whether at work, at home, or in the community, and provides a compelling case for why we are all everyday leaders in life. Jacqueline M. Baker masterfully outlines how each of us can strengthen our leadership skills through tools, frameworks, and real life examples. In an increasingly complex world, The Unexpected Leader is what we need now more than ever."

Andy Miller, Senior Vice President, AARP Innovation Labs

"For seasoned, aspiring, and even the most reluctant leaders, The Unexpected Leader is the timely and relevant leadership guide you didn’t know you needed. Redefining what – and where – it means to be a leader, Jacqueline shares candid, practical insights to identify, sharpen, and elevate the leader inside of you. Whether leading within an organization, your family, social circle, or community, The Unexpected Leader is your definitive, actionable blueprint to embracing and cultivating the leader within and empowering others to do the same."

Reneé Fluker, Founder & PresidentMidnight Golf Program

"This book offered some insightful as well as practical approaches to living out everyday leadership through a multitude of life lenses. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just reaching the self-actualization stage of your leadership journey, The Unexpected Leader offers key process steps needed to reach an obtainable goal to those who desire to evolve into their full leadership potential. True leaders who simply want to inspire more leaders will find the tools in this book helpful. It’s a compass and roadmap with actionable tips for leadership realization and growth."

Dr. Donald R. James, Chief Executive Officer, Solero Technologies


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