Giving Is Fulfilling & Fun

Give To Your Guests

As someone who deeply enjoys hosting people at our home, I must say that I do look forward to the next few months, when human connection and fellowship fully returns! Hosting people at your home effectively requires you to step in to GIVING mode. It’s not all about you. And, honestly, it feels pretty good to give… (trust me)

So, how do you get ready for that? How do you prepare for your guests and position yourself to fully enjoy them? (instead of running all around last minute trying to get things together)

I’m glad that you asked.

HERE are my favorite hosting things…

First things first…

1. Be Ready – You can’t show up as your best (hosting) self if you’re all flustered, worked up, exhausted and not ready for your guests. How can you give anything if you aren’t charged up yourself? This means that you’ll need to plan ahead, shower and get dressed and prepare to enjoy the event with your guests. I light up some candles as I’m getting ready to welcome my people. If you know that your anxiety shows up and tries to steal the show as you’re getting ready, pick up some of my favorite things to help keep you balanced.

2. Be Aware – Make a commitment to understand your guests’ allergies and food restrictions. Food preferences aren’t simply people being “picky”. It is a difference between life and death. So, take a moment to be aware of your guests’ food requests and/or plan to have an array of food and drink options. I like to use Google Forms to assist with collecting up information. It’s simple, easy and effective.

3. Do Something Different – Yes, you could do the same old chips and dip and fruit platter or you could try for something new. I happen to have a pretty good simple smoked salmon snack that is delicious, but also wildly impressive to guests. Instead of just throwing them on a plate, I use this multi purpose serving tray to display the snacks on.

4. Be In The Moment – Do you find yourself having a hard time focusing on and enjoying the moment? (yeah, me too) Well, remember that all we really have is the moment right in front of us, so I encourage you to enjoy your guests in real time while you have the chance to. Commit to fully giving of yourself because not only will your guests be grateful, but it actually feels really good!

Until next time….

Take care of yourself AND your guests!

Here are a ton of items that are my go-to hosting tools!