Breaking Habits

Are those habits holding you back?

Good habits are great. 

Bad habits might feel good in the moment, but long term, they’re not that great. (and we know this) 

Leadership Tip: We often know what we need to do and where we’re falling short in our journey to be better leaders, but in order to elevate, we have to be honest and action oriented with our steps. And, it doesn’t always take a ridiculously disruptive approach.

There are millions of books that are released every year on topics that many of us actually care about. 

Honestly, I’m not someone who naturally just curls up with any book. I have to be very intentional and specific with book topics that I select to ensure that I stay interested and actually finish the book. 

Well, I naturally gravitate towards professional development books.  (no surprise here, aye?) 

On this journey of elevation and growth, many of these books have fantastic advice on breaking unwanted habits. Here are some of my favorite books that tackle these topics. 

Recently, I had an unfortunate bout with COVID-19. 

As you can imagine, it was annoying and disruptive and completely unexpected.  It also caused me to do something that I’m not the biggest fan of doing – sitting still

Now, while I practice gratitude reflections every day, this extended and unexpected time alone caused me to recognize and be even more grateful for the things that I had accomplished and the things that I have. 

If you too know that you could benefit from an infusion of gratitude, consider this comprehensive gratitude journal. 

Breaking habits could be just the thing that you need to elevate to your next level.  

Take these tips and take some action!