Tools To Get Started

I know how it is.

Trying to figure out if you should use that platform or that tool or that service.

It can be a lot.

This is a list of resources that I have a personal experience with and recommend for you to check out as you're getting started.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

KPMG Spark is an on-line accounting solution for small businesses. You have your own dedicated accounting team with access to the breadth, strength, & expertise of KPMG.

Clients & Contracts

The all-in-one, mobile-friendly small business platform that lets you organize, systemize, and grow. It makes invoicing, client communication, contract creation & surveys easier!

Google Drive

Easy and secure access to all of your content. Store, share, and collaborate on files and folders from any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Schedule a Session with Jacqueline

While the tools above will get you started and headed in the right direction I recognize that sometimes you need 1:1 support. I offer a monthly amount of limited opportunities to explore where you are in your starting journey and where should focus next.