Office Love

Show Your Office Some Organizational Love

The word “virtual” is about two steps from being a bad word. I mean, everything is now preceded with ‘virtual’. Right?

Well, listen – don’t kill the messenger, but we will need to embrace this virtual situation for a bit longer.

While it may not be ideal, there is an upside here – you can make your workspace more comfortable, functional and convenient.

So, let’s do it!

If you’re tired of an achy neck and a stiff upper back, perhaps you need to address which devices you’re using to support you. This tablet stand was a game changer for me. It raises and lowers to convenient heights and it doubles as both a table and phone stand.

Not only do I use this stand to keep me in order, but I also picked up a wireless mouse and keyboard. A clear, organized desk helps me stay less anxious and stressed.

Also, I can’t be the only one who completely cringes when my technology glitches or completely fails me. Well, one thing that I’ve done to help with improving my never ending video calls is to purchase one of these Cam links. I simply just hook this up directly to my camera, plug into my device and the feed is super clear!

Now, I have to be honest here – I can’t promise that securing all these new efficient tools will keep people from sending you all kinds of crazy emails, but I can promise you that:

  • Your desk will be more organized.
  • You’ll feel less scattered.
  • Your neck and back will thank you (and maybe me too)

When people do send you those crazy emails, feel free to take my lead and copy my facial expression above. Now, go ahead and get your desk and office space in order!