Want to learn about dining etiquette and elevate as a leader at the same time?

From random meetups with friends to your next business gathering to even the fanciest white tie (yes, white tie) function, you’ll be ready to dine in style and host people at your next private function!

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Expert timeless guidance on modern home, career, and life.

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Leadership Elevation

Leadership doesn't need to be this mysterious, secret concept that is only available to the chosen few. Leadership is for you too! By embracing the idea of every day leadership, you unlock hidden potential within you to elevate your skills and move to your next level.  I invite you to embrace your inner leader and just start leading!


"Jacqueline is amazing! She gives great, actionable advise and feedback and has mastered training in the remote environment! I cannot wait for her monthly sessions."

"Jacqueline did a great job laying out the framework for the discussions we can expect to have. The content was relevant and very much in line with what I'm seeking. I also love how engaging she was with the audience. I am looking forward to future sessions."

"One of my first and many favorite events are the etiquette classes [by Jacqueline]. Etiquette is not only used when eating but also everywhere you go. Etiquette is the “customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.” The use of proper etiquette has gotten me so far. When thinking of the young woman I am today, etiquette has played a big role in my lifestyle. The simple use of etiquette has opened up many friendships for me. Etiquette has also helped me network with amazing people all over the world."

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