Celebrate You

When is the last time you celebrated yourself?

It’s been a year, right? 

But, you’re reading this, so you’re here, right?

And, the days, weeks, months and years before that, you were here working hard and putting in the necessary work, right?

I mean – think about it for a moment! 

You’ve been accomplishing things over and over and over again.

But, have you been meaningfully celebrating and recording these wins?

Consider probably one of your most memorable wins – a graduation of some sort? 

From high school, college, a graduate degree or maybe even a doctorate!

Leadership Tip: Leaders stop and celebrate, not just the earth shattering things that the entire world recognizes and deems important, but the little things too. You deserve to celebrate your wins. Do it well and do it often!

Where is that piece of paper? Is it tucked away in a dusty file folder somewhere?

You worked hard for that? 

So, why isn’t it on display?

So, let’s get to it. I want to share some easy to access items to help you display your wins. 

Seriously, where are those awards and diplomas that you worked so hard for?

You know what else feels good and is a great way to celebrate your wins? Taking time for yourself. 

And although we often see these luxurious pictures of people in their bathtubs with bubbles to the sky, guess what? You can have your own little piece of euphoria too!

Here is my truth – I take a bath at least 5 days a week (mostly to manage anxiety), but it’s also my way of celebrating and prioritizing myself. At a time when time is always at a premium, consider using it as a way to celebrate yourself with a luxurious bath. 

Here is of my favorite bath items to do so. 


Just reading those words feels good, right? 

Well, just imagine if you could engage with these words by redesigning how you rest, every night. 

Take a look at your current pillows on your bed. (yes – look right now) 

Are they shabby and need a refresher?

Well, do something about it and while you’re at it, add a decadent candle to burn to help you unwind before bed. 

When we hear the words “celebrate yourself”, you may imagine images of fancy things. 

And while there’s nothing wrong with fancy things, it’s the everyday simple things and past accomplishments that you can utilize to reflect, memorialize and celebrate. 

In this world of hurry, hurry go, go, it’s your job to slow down long enough to celebrate your wins and you! Just Start doing that now!