Set Yourself Up For Success: Set Boundaries at Work and at Home

Set Boundaries at Work and at Home

Last week, we talked about being honest about distractions. This weeks, let’s discuss something different – setting boundaries at work and at home.

Once you figure out how you’re spending your time—where the time sucks are and where the win times are—then you can look at setting some boundaries.

Part of being more productive means setting appropriate boundaries both at work and at home.

For instance, if you dream of writing your first book or launching a new project for your business, then you need to be able to say “no” to family and friends so that you can get your work done.

Now, I know going out for cocktails on a Friday night might be par for the course in your regular schedule, but if you want to make good headway on an ambitious goal or dream, then you must set boundaries to create your own success.

As Lindsay Holmes of The Huffington Post says, “You can’t be all things — or do all things — for all people.”

To practice setting boundaries, try the following recommendations from Psychology Today:

  • Keep your distance from people who do not respect your personal space.
  • Stop trying to fix people and instead focus on improving yourself.
  • Own up to your choices fully rather than feeling like you owe someone something.
  • Detach your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from others so that you don’t create unnecessary internal conflict that drains you rather than energizes you.

Paired with self-reflection, setting boundaries can help you be more productive at work, more productive at home, and more productive in life in general.

Next week, let’s talk about scheduling time for distractions.

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