You’re Not That Special – Everyone Is Busy

It used to be something major and unique for someone to always be busy, occupied or on the move. But, guess what? Just about everyone falls into the category of busy nowadays. We all have somewhere to be, something to do and someone to meet up with. Our packed (and sometimes overpacked) calendars consume our lives and sometimes pull us away from even the most essential and critical part of our commitments and responsibilities.These consistent distractions cause us to be in a constant state of busy and to miss out on the simple human interactions that are unique and provide opportunities to connect, share and grow.

As we navigate our own ever changing “busy” terrains, keep these small, but powerful opportunitues to connect with people during the normal course of your day in mind:

  • It’s OK to speak when you enter the elevator. You just might be the person to break the awkward silence or even create an unsuspecting relationship from a simple hello. 
  • Holding the door open for the next person will not kill you. That 4-5 extra seconds will not derail your entire day. 
  • Isn’t it interesting (or annoying) when people approach your desk or call your business (or personal) line and just start immediately ranting about something that they need? Before you just proceed into asking for things that you need, stop and say “hello” to the other person first. You’re busy, but not too busy to speak, first. 

Scarlet Says…Make no mistake. A simple greeting goes a long way. Before you just proceed into asking for things that you need, stop and properly greet people and take advantage of opportunities to connect and grow your relationships.

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I enjoy doing a lot of things, but at the top of that list is inspiring people to take action and harness their inner CONFIDENCE!! I love assisting people with discovering and reaching their full potential and I do so through the fields of etiquette and leadership. Now, I wouldn't dare say that I’m a traditional etiquette and leadership consultant. This may be a little confusing because what could possibly exude more of a traditional feeling than being a good leader and practicing good etiquette?

But my perspective and approach to leadership is more nuanced and modern. I believe that leadership shouldn’t only coalesce among our C-suite executives. Leadership can be a vast and inclusive concept, and everyone has leadership potential in their own unique way in both professional and social settings (my book, Leader by Mistake, talks all about this). I take great pride in curating and delivering classes and content that inspire people to lead wherever they are and with the tools that that they have so that they can advance to their next level.

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