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The Universal Prayer

So, you are planning to have a dinner party and you’ll be inviting several friends. You are very aware that this set of friends vary in their religious beliefs. Although the normal protocol in your household is to bow your head and pray a specific way, you are aware that others at the table don’t…

How’s the pressure?

Regardless of if you are male or female, there is nothing more heavenly than a real good thorough shampoo job. Most of us have encountered that one person who is an excellent shampoo assistant at the salon. But, what do you do when they finish? Do you just proceed to your stylist and not even…

Phone Addiction or Just Bad Etiquette

We all have that one friend who is ALWAYS on their phone. If they aren’t on Twitter, it’s Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, GChat or just plain ole’ fashioned text messaging… Now Scarlet is no stranger to “staying connected” and utilizing social networking, but there is a thick line between staying in the know and just being plain rude…

It’s just hello!

Isn’t it interesting when people approach your desk or call your business (or personal) line and just start immediately ranting about something that they need. I am not too sure if it is “interesting” or “appauling” actually. It seems only common and the right thing to do to actually greet someone with a simple, “Hello,…

Who am I?

About a week ago, I was asked to take part in an interview and photo shoot for an upcoming publication. I was very aware that during the interview, I would be asked questions like, what do you do, where do you work, what are your daily job functions, etc. This question made me cringe, because…

Tradition. Rules. Etiquette.

With so many people striving to create their own voice and get noticed, etiquette often goes out the window…but should it? Scarlet says, etiquette should always be considered. Don’t set yourself up for failure before you even begin. Know the do’s and dont’s when entering any situation. –Scarlet

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