All The Magical Things To Entertain, Live & Be Inspired!

Welcome Your Guests The Right Way

Just a few tips to make your guests feel welcomed, from the moment they step to your door. 

Fall Is Upon Us

You can still shop in style. While I'm not putting on full gear each and every day, I do still access those parts of my closet that make me feel good.

Ditch The Plastic

Using quality glassware feels good. I'll share some of my favorite stemware and of course a lesson on what's the right stemware for the right beverage.

Hey there - Jacqueline here!

So happy that you're interested in learning more about me.

I deeply enjoy helping people like you find the resources, inspiration, tools and connections to start the things that you want to do.

From hosting a podcast, to collaborating with organizations across the world, to hosting some of the most dynamic dinner parties and gatherings, my impact and work is a the center of leadership, modern etiquette, innovation and most importantly, having a lot of fun with great people along the way.

So, I hope that you've found some resources and products that you love above and I certainly hope to hear from you if you need more 1:1 or small group trainings and opportunities.


Looking for my full bio and a more detailed version of my career history? Here you go!