Speaker Requests

Are you looking for a speaker for your event or training? Contact Jacqueline at 800.580.8369 ext. 1009 or info@scarletcomm.com. You can also fill in the form below.

Jacqueline has been enlisted to speak on a number of etiquette, protocol, leadership, professional development, employee engagement and entrepreneurial topics including:

-“Using Mistakes To Grow Your Career” – We all make them – mistakes. Instead of hiding behind them, utilize them to grow your career, your relationships and avoid future mistakes and career pitfalls.

– “From Good To Great” – Utilizing etiquette and protocol to advance from one level of your career to the next.

– “Defend Your Career” – Utilizing etiquette, protocol and relationship building techniques to own your career and intentionally land where you belong.

– “Etiquette In The Workplace” – Etiquette isn’t a fairy tale topic that is taught when you are 5 and all of the principles go out the door. Bringing and keeping etiquette in the workplace is what keeps our business, our relationships and our career moving forward.

– “Meeting Etiquette” – As many meetings as professionals are mandated to sit in on a daily basis, having the skills and knowledge to conduct, participate and facilitate a meeting are essential. It isn’t enough to just grab a pad of paper and a pen and head to a meeting. Displaying decorum, empathy and knowing when particular things need to happen are all a part of meeting etiquette and are essential to company and individual success. 

– Using Etiquette and Protocol To Avoid and Defuse Workplace Conflict And Adversity” – The workforce is made up of millions of people with diverse and complex backgrounds. It’s understandable that employees will come to the table with different beliefs of how things should go, should run, should be or should be communicated. As a result, sometimes workplace conflict and adversity can arise. Employees should know key tips and processes to defuse and avoid these sometimes unavoidable situations.

Other Topics Include:

– New Employee Orientation – Workplace and Professional Etiquette

– Casual and Fine Dining Etiquette

– Domestic and International Travel Etiquette

– Image, Dress and Grooming Etiquette – Dressing For Professional Success

– Entrepreneurial and Innovative Professionalism

– Using Appropriate Social Media Techniques For Professional Success

– Professional Etiquette Bootcamp