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I enjoy doing a lot of things, but at the top of that list is inspiring people to take action! I love assisting people with discovering and reaching their full potential and I do so through the fields of etiquette and leadership. Now, I wouldn't dare say that I’m a traditional etiquette and leadership consultant. This may be a little confusing because what could possibly exude more of a traditional feeling than being a good leader and practicing good etiquette?

But my perspective and approach to leadership is more nuanced and modern. I believe that leadership shouldn’t only coalesce among our C-suite executives. Leadership can be a vast and inclusive concept, and everyone has leadership potential in their own unique way in both professional and social settings (my book, Leader by Mistake, talks all about this). I take great pride in curating and delivering classes and content that inspire people to lead wherever they are and with the tools that that they have so that they can advance to their next level.

As the Principal Consultant and Founder of Scarlet Communications, I train individuals and organizations to develop and refine important leadership and etiquette skills and embrace experiences that increase confidence and provide a competitive advantage. Now, in full transparency, I founded Scarlet Communications to provide etiquette to teen girls, but very quickly corporate organizations took interest in this training and asked for our services. Over the years, Scarlet has grown to encompass etiquette and leadership training, at all levels.

Using the Engage, Enlighten, and Empower model, I have provided training, coaching, and consulting to corporations and community organizations, including Nike, the Department of Defense, the Detroit Lions, Deloitte, the Buffalo Bills, Ernst & Young, Fiat Chrysler, Midnight Golf, the DC Mayor’s office and many others.

I also serve as a Board of Directors for Plastipak Packaging, Inc.

I’m grateful that my work in this field has been recognized by several fine publications and organizations, including Ambassador Magazine, the Rhonda Walker Foundation, McDonald’s/Steed Media, Hob Nob Drive, Women Who Lead, and Michigan Chronicle/Michigan FrontPage – 40 Under 40.

I have also been thrilled to share my fresh approach to etiquette instruction on NBC, Detroit Public TV, CBS and to be featured in Essence Magazine and Metro Parent Magazine.

But before I became an author and a specialist in leadership, etiquette, and protocol, I spent nearly a decade working in wedding and event production, which is where my etiquette and leadership journey began. I have also served in corporate leadership and management roles providing training, consulting, public relations and event management to organizations including AT&T, Chrysler, Ford Motor Company and AAA of Michigan. I currently serve as the Innovation Program Manager at AARP Innovation Labs, where I curate innovation focused events, conference engagements and accelerator relationships to ensure that everyone is empowered to choose how they live as they age.

Born, raised, and educated in Detroit, I am a Warrior through and through. I proudly hold two degrees from Wayne State University—a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Master of Education in Instructional Technology with specializations in Interactive Technologies and Performance Improvement. I also hold a Six Sigma Green Belt certification in process improvement, which I use to aid clients in developing systems that streamline processes and to assist clients in reaching their strategic planning and development goals.

Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering for 12 Days DC Metro and mentoring young and seasoned leaders and colleagues in becoming the best possible versions of themselves by encouraging them to take action!

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, watching my James Bond collection (for the millionth time), hitting the slopes during the winter season snowboarding and hosting dinner parties for family and friends.

Learn more about me work at http://scarletcomm.com; and my latest book: http://www.leaderbymistake.com